Mobility Grant


Estonian Doctoral School supports short-term international mobility for doctoral research. Primarily, support is provided for the cost of participation in presentations at specialised events.

A short-term mobility lasts up to 30 calendar days (including travel time to and from the destination of the secondment). A doctoral student is eligible for a doctoral school mobility grant once a year. The maximum amount per grant can be up to €2000. Funding is available for trips from both Estonia and abroad.

Support can be applied for by a doctoral student at an Estonian university whose doctoral studies have not been suspended.

Participation fee

  • Compensated on the basis of cost statements.
  • Estonian Doctoral School will not compensate costs of conferences´ social events, lunches/dinners, membership fees and excursions (except for excursions related to a doctoral student´s research topic) specifically mentioned in the attendance fee.

Travel allowance, accommodation allowance, daily allowance are compensated based on unit prices. The mobility supported by the Estonian Doctoral School can last 1 day before and 1 day after the event. If the doctoral student wishes to combine the Doctoral School's support with another mobility grant, it is necessary to check beforehand that the conditions of the latter allow this.

The unit costs for international mobility for doctoral candidates will be based on the unit costs of the National Mobility Grant Scheme "Kristjan Jaak Programme". The travel costs will be covered by a travel allowance, which will include all the costs related to the outward and return journey, e.g. local transport, travel insurance, etc. Travel expenses will be covered by a travel allowance. The distance will be calculated using the European Commission's online calculator.

 Distance from city to city in kilometersGrant per round trip in euros
1100 – 499180
2500 – 1999275
32000 – 2999360
43000 – 3999530
54000 – 7999820
68000 – or more1100
Tabel 1. Sõidutoetus doktorikooli õpirändesse minevatele doktorantidele

Accommodation costs will be covered by the accommodation allowance, which will be paid during the event abroad and, where justified, one night before and one night after the event.

 Õpirände kestus päevadesToetus ühe öö kohta eurodes
Tabel 2. Majutustoetus doktorikooli õpirändesse minevatele doktorantidele

Living expenses are covered by the daily allowance. The daily allowance is €32 per day of the mobility. The days will be counted from the official date of the event, plus, in justified cases, one day for travel before and one day after the event.

The maximum amount of the grant is € 2 000 per short-term mobility. If the calculation based on unit costs exceeds this amount, the maximum amount will be paid and the remaining costs will have to be covered from another source or from doctoral student’s own resources. Bank transfer fees and VAT are not eligible for funding from the Estonian Doctoral School. To cover ineligible costs, please contact the supervisor and/or the head of the department. For further guidance, please contact the project leader of the Estonian Doctoral School.

Application must be made to the university where the doctoral candidate is enrolled. For information on calls for applications, please consult the mailing lists of your university or from the list down below.
You can find your university's contact from here..

To apply for the mobility grant, the doctoral candidate must submit a proposal to the project leader of the Estonian Doctoral School at their university:

  1. a formal application including motivation letter;
  2. 2. confirmation of acceptance of the presentation from the conference organiser, or, in the case of participation in a course, seminar or other activity, confirmation from the host institution (e.g. registration confirmation, letter of invitation, etc.);
  3. in case of a request for reimbursement of the participation fee, confirmation of the amount of the participation fee;
  4. a letter of recommendation from the supervisor.

Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • the applicant is a doctoral candidate at an Estonian university;
  • the applicant has not received a mobility grant from a doctoral school in that calendar year;
  • the event for which the grant is requested has not yet taken place;
  • the application has been correctly prepared;
  • the purpose of the trip is clear, the destination and the tasks are appropriate. The trip is strongly linked to the substantive needs and completion of the thesis;
  • the duration and budget of the application are well thought out and reasonable.

Basis for compensations:

  • submit to the project leader of the doctoral school a signed activity report on the doctoral school form,
  • a junior researcher fellow needs to prepare a secondment report and a doctoral student without a university employment contract needs to prepare an expense report,
  • attach the documents proving payment of the participation fee (invoice, confirmation of payment) to the mission or expense report,
  • attach a timetable for the event and an official letter of confirmation from the organiser stating the date(s) on which the event took place.

A sentence must be added to the activity report or secondment report: "The secondment/study visit is in accordance with the University of Tartu project "Cooperation between universities to promote doctoral studies" (2021-2027.4.04.24-0003) and with goals and action plan of the project.”

If the doctoral student participates in the event with a presentation or poster presentation, these must comply with the notification requirements. In case of non-compliance with the notification requirements, mobility costs from the Estonian Doctoral School are not eligible. A logo must be placed on the opening page of the presentation or poster: see instructions for use, logo files (EST, ENG).

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