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LiWeFoR Wetland Forest Research Summer School

The LiWeFoR Wetland Forest Research Summer School invites Estonian doctoral students to study, learn and share stories on carbon and nutrient fluxes in swamp and bog forests across the globe! The lineup includes academics, professors and experienced researchers from the Universities of Tartu, Helsinki, Aarhus, East Anglia, the Peruvian Amazon, Sarawak and Congo, as well as Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The programme is balanced between theoretical lectures, field demonstrations and conversations on eddy covariance and chamber measurements, microbiome and isotopic methods at different layers of wetland forests. The Summer Shcool lectures will be held at the Pühajärve Spa Hotel followed by an excursion and field demonstrations at study sites across South Estonia during 25–29 June 2024. Deadline for registration is 24 May 2024. Register here (https://forms.office.com/e/Zqt7d2kGQx) There are 25 places for doctoral students – first come first served. All participation costs (travel from Tartu to Pühajärve, accommodation, meals, field excursion) are covered by organisers. Tentative program 25 June – arrival to Pühajärve and ice-breaker 26 June – lectures 27 June – lectures 28 June – departure from Pühajärve; excursion and field demonstrations at the study sites (Järvselja, Soontaga, Ess-soo); final dinner in Pühaste 29 June – departure from Tartu Lecturers Prof. Ülo Mander (University of Tartu) Prof. Klaus Butterbach-Bahl (KIT, Aarhus University) Prof. Mari Pihlatie (University of Helsinki) Prof. Ivan Mammarela (University of Helsinki) Dr. Anuliina Putkinen (University of Helsinki) Dr. Lukas Kohl (University of Helsinki) Dr. Salla Tenhovirta (University of Helsinki) Dr. Laura Lehtovirta-Morley (University of East Anglia) Dr. Mikk Espenberg (Univeristy of Tartu) Ing. Lizardo Fachín (IIAP, UNAP, Peru) Dr. Faustina Sangok (TROPI, Malaysia) Prof. Joël Loumeto (Universite Marien Ngouabi, Congo) Dr. Ulrich Gaël Bouka (Universite Marien Ngouabi, Congo) Contact: liwefor@ut.ee LiWeFoR Soometsade Suvekool kutsub Eesti kõrgkoolide doktorante õppima tundma maakera eri piirkondade soostunud, madalsoo- ja raba-metsi ning jagama nende lugusid. Esinejate nimekiri sisaldab Tartu, Helsingi, Aarhusi, East Anglia, Peruu Amasoonia, Sarawaki ja Kongo ning Karlsruhe Tehnoloogiainstituudi akadeemikuid, professoreid ja teadureid. Programmis on gaasivoogude mõõtmiste (turbulentse voo ning erinevatel kõrgustel kambermeetodid), mikrobioomi ja isotoopmeetodite alased loengud, välidemonstratsioonid ning vaba vestlus. Suvekool toimub 25.–29. juunil. Loengud leiavad aset Pühajärve Spa & Puhkekeskuses, millele järgneb ekskursioon ja välidemonstratsioonid uurimisaladel üle Lõuna-Eesti. Registreerimise tähtaeg on 24. mai 2024. Registreeru siin (https://forms.office.com/e/Zqt7d2kGQx) Doktorantidele on 25 kohta. Registreerumine toimub põhimõttel "kes ees, see mees" kuni kohad täituvad. Kõik osavõtukulud (reis Tartust Pühajärvele, majutus, toitlustus, väliekskursioon) katavad korraldajad. Suvekooli korraldab Tartu Ülikool Euroopa Liidu rahastatud projekti „LiWeFoR: Living labs for Wetland Forest research” raames koostöös Eesti doktorikooliga. Projekti „Ülikoolide koostöö doktoriõppe edendamisel“ (2021-2027.4.04.24-0003) kaasrahastab Euroopa Liit. Esialgne programm 25. juuni saabumine Pühajärvele ja avapidu 26. juuni loengud 27. juuni loengud 28. juuni väljasõit Pühajärvelt; ekskursioon ja demonstratsioonid uurimisaladel (Järvselja, Soontaga, Ess-soo); pidulik õhtusöök Pühastes 29. juuni lahkumine Tartust Esinejad Prof. Ülo Mander (Tartu Ülikool). Prof. Klaus Butterbach-Bahl (KIT, Aarhusi Ülikool) Prof. Mari Pihlatie (Helsingi Ülikool) Prof. Ivan Mammarela (Helsingi Ülikool) Dr. Anuliina Putkinen (Helsingi Ülikool) Dr. Lukas Kohl (Helsingi Ülikool) Dr. Salla Tenhovirta (Helsingi Ülikool) Dr Laura Lehtovirta-Morley (East Anglia Ülikool) Dr Mikk Espenberg (Tartu Ülikool) Ing. Lizardo Fachín (IIAP, UNAP, Peruu) Dr. Faustina Sangok (TROPI, Malaisia) Prof. Joël Loumeto (Marien Ngouabi Ülikool, Kongo) Dr. Ulrich Gaël Bouka (Marien Ngouabi Ülikool, Kongo) Kontakt: liwefor@ut.ee

PhD Summer 1-day Workshop

Estonian Business School A. Lauteri 3, Tallinn

June 26, 10-17 Estonian Business School, Lauteri 3 The event will take place on June 26 in Tallinn due to the succeeding 6th Baltic Economic Association Conference, June 27-28 on the premises of Estonian Business School, Lauteri 3.  The event offers excellent opportunities for local doctoral students in economics, political sciences, law, government and politics, and public administration and management to get feedback on their research projects, improve presentation and research skills, and establish academic contacts with well-known international researchers as well as local academics and experts. Furthermore, papers related to the PhD dissertations in the area of economics and business administration will compete for the 2024 Vello Vensel Doctoral Research Prize awarded by the Estonian Economic Association. Keynote speakers: Jaanika Meriküll (University of Tartu, Eesti Pank) „Women in the labour market: Now and then". Karsten Staehr (Taltech, Eesti Pank) „Economic growth and convergence in the Baltic states. What can macroeconomics teach us?“. The deadline for submitting either a non-published paper related to the PhD dissertation or a poster abstract that introduces the research ideas and/or preliminary results is May 17 2024.  Please submit your paper or poster abstract using the submission form. You will find guidelines for papers and posters and practical tips at the bottom of this invitation. Papers and poster abstracts will be pre-reviewed, and decisions will be announced by May 27 2024. Costs to be covered are as follows: meals, materials and accommodation (if not from Tallinn). More information on the event: Summer Workshop. Important deadlines: Submission deadline for a full paper or a poster abstract: May 17 2024 Notification of acceptance of the submitted paper/poster abstract: May 27 2024 After that you can register (registration to the event): June 5 2024 (see link in the webpage: Summer Workshop) Deadline for submitting the final version of the paper or poster: June 21 2024 Should you have questions about the event: Sigrid Lainevee sigrid.lainevee@ebs.ee Estonian Doctoral School for Social Sciences