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Roadmap for Funded Research: An Introduction to Grant Writing for Young Researchers, Covering Challenges and Successes

30/09 - 02/10

30.09-2.10.2024 (three full-day course)
University of Tartu (specific room details will be announced in August/September)

The target group includes 20 young researchers and doctoral students who are interested in pursuing a career in academia and writing research grants.

Course will be taught by dr. Sabina Hirshfield who is a visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, STAR Program at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University in Brooklyn, NY. As a U.S. public health scientist and a nationally recognized expert with more than two decades of grant writing experience, Dr. Hirshfield has collaborated on over 30 federally funded HIV prevention studies and maintains a strong publication record. She excels as a research-development strategist, specializing in crafting compelling research grants, a core and critical aspect of her academic role. Additionally, she serves on three editorial boards and has contributed as an ad hoc reviewer for 27 peer-reviewed journals in HIV, infectious diseases, and public health. Dr. Hirshfield’s expertise extends to innovative e-Health behavioral research, and she has served as an NIH grant reviewer for 8 years.

Considering how low the success rate is for grant funding, there is a critical need to educate junior scholars by broadening research skills, providing examples of successes and failures in the grant writing process, and expanding knowledge on writing high-quality research proposals.

This course will make you think about your academic career, what it takes to succeed in academia, and how to fund your research (steps on writing a grant proposal). The final course syllabus will be sent in August/September. Before the course starts, you’ll receive a short questionnaire to tell us what you need and expect from the course, so we can make sure it meets your needs.

For registration use link: https://forms.office.com/e/sKXNBD5uY5

Registration deadline 8.09.2024


Further information: Anna.tisler@ut.ee

With support of the Estonian Doctoral School for Medical and Health Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and the Fulbright Specialist Program




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